About me

WZBY1997.JPG MSc ISS (ongoing) | BSc. Software Engineer | BCs. Philosophy | Windows Insider MVP | Microsoft Gold Student Ambassador | Microsoft Student Ambassador Mentor | Social community builder | SDGs Actor | Youth Leader

If i cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.

I am a Junior Software engineer who specializes in Web development and Python programming. I am pursuing a program in Information System Security at Strathmore University. My general interests include distributed Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, Web Development, Information System Security, CISCO Networks administration, Windows, Data, digital education and online learning, media, and design. I am a Microsoft Student Ambassador since April 2020 and became a Gold Student Ambassador in January 2022. I am also a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Mentor since November 2022 and lead the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors CA since January 2023. I joined the Windows Insider program in September 2022 and am testing Windows 11 from the Beta channel. I was awarded Windows Insider MVP in January 2023.

I am a social and youth leader. I am a volunteer for QS ImpACT and lead the QS ImpACT DRC Council, since May 2021. As a community leader, I believe that complex global issues are fought by building confidence, raising aspirations and connecting diverse people. Then it can be possible to unleash the upcoming generation to create waves of change. I am committed to youth empowerment, and impact based on the SDGs, environment, and climate change.